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  • Sigd: A Celebration of Music and Culture

    Ethiopian-Israeli singer and songwriter Aveva Dese is a rising star in the Israeli music scene. As a child to Jewish parents who suffered from persecution and struggled to come from Ethiopia to Israel, Dese tells her unique story through her music.

    This event is co-sponsored by Central Synagogue...

  • A Walk-Through of Israeli Art

    Gallerist, curator, and art historian Andrea Meislin shares her experiences of working with Israeli artists, including opening a Chelsea gallery, and gives us the scoop on her current work producing a wide range of artistic projects.
    This event was hosted by the Arts Engagement Committee.

  • Israel Today and Tomorrow: Rap It Out

    Uriya Rosenman is an Israeli educator and creator, and Sameh Zakout is a Palestinian musician and actor. In their viral YouTube video "Let's Talk Straight," which has been viewed over four million times Israel and has over 500 million views through international news coverage, the two rap insults...

  • Blessings from President Herzog of Israel

  • Blessing from Yair Lapid, Israel Minister of Foreign Affairs

  • How Israel Became Its Own Worst Enemy – And The Hope For Its Future

    As the former director of the Shin Bet, Israel's security agency responsible for counter-terrorism efforts, Admiral Ami Ayalon reflects on his life as a mirror to Israel's story: battles fought, losses and successes of a young country, and the importance of hope for shaping a new future.
    Ayalon i...

  • Summer Keynote Series - Israel Today

    Listen to Rabbi Cosgrove in dialogue with Dr. Mishy Harman, Isaac Herzog, and Karin Lagziel. They discuss Israel’s complex nature and what lies ahead for the Jewish state.

    Isaac Herzog is Chairman of JAFI and a former member of the Knesset. Dr. Mishy Harman is co-founder and host of the radio pr...

  • Israel Today and Tomorrow: The Environmental Impact of Peace in the Middle East

    Because of Israel’s modest size, the country’s environmental problems are largely reliant on its neighbors. Without cooperation from bordering countries, progress in areas from stream restoration to species repatriation will prove to be difficult.

  • This Israeli Life

    Mehereta came to Israel as a child from Ethiopia without knowing how to read or write. She became a contestant on the reality show The Ambassador, went on to serve as deputy mayor of Tel Aviv, and ran for Knesset under the Meretz party.

  • Contemporary Jewish Thought: My Israel Trail

    Embark on a visual journey of the Shvil Yisrael, the Israel National Trail, as Aryeh Green recounts his personal story of love, loss, and healing. Green made aliyah in 1984 and has worked in Israeli politics with various democracy activists. He hiked the trail as part of his search for personal t...

  • Israel Today and Tomorrow: The Hidden Pandemic

    While we are encouraged to stay home during the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many women suffering from abuse and violence by their spouses. For them, home is the least safe place. As part of our programming during Women’s History Month we will discuss this issue plaguing women in Israel on Intern...

  • Analyzing the Impact: Israeli Law and Conservative Jews

    What are the implications of this week’s Israeli Supreme Court decision recognizing Reform and Conservative conversion to Judaism as part of the Law of Return? Examine all the angles with Rakefet Ginsburg, Executive Director of the Masorti Movement in Israel; Nicole Maor of Israel Religious Actio...

  • Israel Today and Tomorrow with Karin Lagziel and Josef I. Abramowitz

    Yosef I. Abramowitz is an American-Israeli human rights activist, educator, and entrepreneur who co-founded Israel’s leading solar developer, Araya Power Company. He is recognized as one of the pioneers of the solar energy industry in both Israel and Africa. Learn about his work in advancing the ...

  • Israeli Food: From Esau's Lentil Soup to Shakshouka

    With all the cultures cooking in Israel, what is Israeli cuisine? Gil Hovav, bestselling author and Israel’s leading culinary journalist, guides us through Israel’s gastronomic history from land of simple dishes to current gourmet hotspot.

  • Understanding the Abraham Accords

    Karin Lagziel and guest speaker Dr. Keren Fraiman break down the implications of The Abraham Accord, a historical peace agreement, on the Middle East. Keren E. Fraiman is Dean and Chief Academic Officer of the Spertus Institute. Her current research focuses on Israel and conflict education within...

  • The Ethiopian Jewish Experience

    For 2,500 years, Ethiopian Jews were cut off from the rest of the Jewish people. When they were finally able to reach Israel, a host of complex dilemmas emerged. Dr. Rabbi Sharon Shalom is an Ethiopian-Israeli rabbi and author. He will discuss the origins of Jewish Ethiopian halakhah (Jewish law)...