Shabbat Across PAS

Shabbat Across PAS

Gathering. Food. Family. Rest. Learning. Prayer. Community. This fall we are spotlighting the Jewish holiday that comes around every 7th day, 52 weeks a year since Creation... Shabbat!

Shabbat Across PAS
  • How Do We Bless Children?

    There is no better moment to wish that our children have lives of fulfillment, joy, and peace than when entering Shabbat. Watch as Cantor Schwartz shows us how to perform the blessing of the children, as he shares a special moment with two of his own.

  • Why Do We Bless Children on Shabbat?

    The blessing over the children on Shabbat brings countless families together, at least for as long as the kids will stay still! Watch as Rabbi Cosgrove explains the history and meaning of this special Friday night moment.

  • What Is Your Favorite Shabbat Food?

    Have a go-to Shabbat food? See if what our community loves matches what you do!

  • Shabbat Schmooze with Rabbi Cosgrove and Cantor Schwartz's Children

    Shabbat is a wonderful time for people across generations, professions, and lifestyles to come together and create a connection. This recently took place at Rabbi Cosgrove's table! Enjoy this fun Shabbat conversation between him and Cantor Schwartz's two youngest children.

  • Wine or Grape Juice?

    It’s a beverage battle for the ages! In one corner, full-bodied and fruity, we have wine. In the other, sugary and sweet, we have grape juice. Which do you prefer to drink during Shabbat dinner? Let the battle begin!

  • What is a Favorite Family Shabbat Tradition?

    Even with all of the traditions that keep Shabbat meaningful, we believe there is no one way to celebrate Shabbat! Everyone can experience the joys of Shabbat by making it their own. Whether your home is full of them, or has none, watch as our members and clergy share their favorite Shabbat tradi...

  • How Do We Say Blessings After the Shabbat Meal?

    To conclude the meal, we offer various verses of thanks that make up the birkat hamazon, the blessing after the meal. On Shabbat, one might add a few extra prayers for the special occasion. Join Cantor Reisner as she sings the blessings after meals.

  • Why Do We Say Blessings After the Meal?

    After a spirited and joyful meal, we don't simply rush away from the table to enjoy the rest of Shabbat night. It's a time to pause, give thanks, and show appreciation for the food we were fortunate to enjoy. Learn why we say blessings after the meal with Rabbi Solmsen.

  • How Do We Say Hamotzi?

    We are grateful for the food we are about to receive, and first on the menu is challah! Before we eat, we say the short but meaningful blessing over bread. Sing along with Cantor Davis as she shows us how to say hamotzi.

  • Why Do We Eat Challah?

    Challah is one of the most recognizable parts of the Shabbat table. But there are many mysteries behind this mystical bread. Learn the meaning of why we eat challah with Rabbi Zauzmer.

  • How Do We Wash Hands?

    The sun has set, we have said the blessing for wine and grape juice, now it's time to eat! But before we can dig in, we must sanctify ourselves by washing our hands. Learn how to perform this ancient ritual with Rabbi Solmsen.

  • Why Do We Wash Hands?

    How can such a mundane activity be elevated to a divine level? There's a deeper history of hand-washing in Judaism than you may expect! Learn the holy origins of Shabbat hand-washing from Rabbi Solmsen.

  • How Do We Say Kiddush? (Full Version with Intro)

    Reciting Kiddush over wine or grape juice is an opportunity to express gratitude, and a reminder of the holiness that surrounds us. Say Kiddush with Cantor Schwartz this week and follow along with this how-to video!

  • Why Do We Say Kiddush?

    The blessing over wine, or grape juice, is so much more than showing gratitude for a drink. So why do we thank God for Shabbat using wine? Watch as Rabbi Koffman simplifies this otherworldly concept.

  • How Do We Light Shabbat Candles?

    The sun is setting on Friday evening and it is time to light the Shabbat candles, a sacred commandment to begin the eternal gift of Shabbat. But how do we accomplish this ritual? Watch as Cantor Davis explains how to perform this tradition, step by step.

  • Why Do We Light Shabbat Candles?

    As daylight fades to dusk, we welcome Shabbat by lighting two candles and saying a blessing. But what’s the meaning behind this practice? Watch as Rabbi Zuckerman explains the origins of this tradition.

  • Cantor Schwartz Sings Ya Ribon – A Prayer for the Shabbat Dinner Table

    Ya Ribon is a prayer that connects the universal to the particular, from the immeasurable scale of the ruler of rulers to the local sacredness of Jerusalem. It is included in the siddur for home use – as Rabbi Cosgrove says in this video, “It's traditional on a Friday night and Shabbat day that y...

  • Challah Baking 101

    Spice up your Shabbat dinner with a cherished tradition by baking your own challah! Learn a new skill and try this delicious recipe from our very own board member, Amy Steiner!

  • What is Your Favorite Challah Topping?

    Listen and see what our community enjoys most to embellish their Challah with.