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How Do We Wash Hands?

Shabbat Across PAS • 39s

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  • Why Do We Wash Hands?

    How can such a mundane activity be elevated to a divine level? There's a deeper history of hand-washing in Judaism than you may expect! Learn the holy origins of Shabbat hand-washing from Rabbi Solmsen.

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    Reciting Kiddush over wine or grape juice is an opportunity to express gratitude, and a reminder of the holiness that surrounds us. Say Kiddush with Cantor Schwartz this week and follow along with this how-to video!

  • Why Do We Say Kiddush?

    The blessing over wine, or grape juice, is so much more than showing gratitude for a drink. So why do we thank God for Shabbat using wine? Watch as Rabbi Koffman simplifies this otherworldly concept.