Judaism Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond

Judaism Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond

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Judaism Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond
  • Continuity Requires Religion: The Future of American Jewry

    How do we ensure that Judaism is carried on from generation to generation? In his recent article for the journal SAPIR, Rabbi Cosgrove identified a path forward aimed at reinvigorating a searching American Jewry. “It is only by way of mitzvot, the positive acts of Jewish identification, the langu...

  • Reform-Conservative-Orthodox Structures and Beyond

    Twentieth-century Jewish religious life was grounded in denomination-based congregations, providing a base for communal gathering and individual Jewish identity. However, recent studies point to an increasingly “post-denominational” future for American Jewry. Representing Reform, Conservative, an...

  • Digital Religion and the Synagogue

    The synagogue has long been the foundational center of American Jewish experience. Online access points were once seen as a helpful supplement to standard in-person gatherings. But since the onset of the pandemic, they have gone from a stopgap substitute to a key component of religious life. Lear...