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What's New
  • Rabbi Ethan Witkovsky: Do Not Wrong One Another (May 21, 2022)

    What can the Torah teach us about facing the horrors and hatred we see in Buffalo and the world around us? Rabbi Witkovsky explores the injunction in Leviticus, “Do not wrong one another,” and implores us to stand up against hate wherever it is found.

  • A Prayer for the State of Israel (Avinu Shebashamayim)

    Everyone loves a parade! The Celebrate Israel parade in New York City is one of the busiest and most colorful. As we look forward to marching in the parade, here is a prayer for the State of Israel, composed by our friend and neighbor Cantor Chaim Dovid Berson, sung by him with Cantor Schwartz. W...

  • Jewish Wedding: Highlights Under the Huppah at PAS

    With Lag BaOmer next week, Jewish wedding season is on! There is not a more beautiful place to stand under the huppah than the sanctuary at PAS. In addition to celebrating the love of the couple, the beautiful ketubah document is signed, the sheva brachot are recited, and finally we remember Jeru...

  • Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove: Holy Living (May 7, 2022)

    What defines a life of k’dushah, of holiness? Responding to that ages-old question, Rabbi Cosgrove finds that a life of holiness includes both observance of ritual detail and commitment to ethical behavior, pride in the distinctions that set Jews apart and responsibility to all humanity.

  • Cantor Schwartz Sings A Yiddishe Momme

    As we approach Mother’s Day, we ask: what makes the relationship of a Jewish mother so special that it is memorialized in art and music across eras? When Sophie Tucker began singing this song written by Yellen & Pollack, in 1925, the Jewish experience in America had included many mothers dealing ...

  • Jewish History, Memory, and Dreams for the Future (Sapir Partnership Event)

    In marking Yom HaShoah, Dara Horn and Ruth Wisse discuss the Jewish narratives that have emerged in mainstream society over the centuries. Is it time to subvert them? From the complex Jewish relationship with power to the struggle for Jewish identity beyond tragic stories, our panel will discuss ...

  • Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove: Holocaust Memory (April 30, 2022)

    How shall we remember the Holocaust? Rabbi Cosgrove teaches us both the pitfalls of remembrance and that memory should inspire us to live meaningful Jewish lives and to respond compassionately to present-day suffering of others.

  • Hallelujah for Yom HaAtzma’ut!

    In the week of Israel’s birthday, Yom HaAtzma’ut, it seems right to celebrate Israel around the world. This cheery song gave people everywhere reason to celebrate in 1979 when it won the Eurovision Song Contest representing Israel, and since then, it has been covered in several languages, includi...

  • Rabbi Witkovsky: Remembering Others and Centering Ourselves (April 23, 2022)

    The Passover seder asks us to not only think of the lives of our ancestors in Egypt, but to see ourselves “as if” we were there. So too when we recall the loved ones we have lost: We can think of them and their lives, reflecting on what they taught us and left for us. Rabbi Witkovsky introduces Y...

  • 60 Seconds of Torah: Aharei Mot and Walking the Walk

    God tells us that the laws are meant for “walking in them,” but what does it mean to walk in the ways of the Torah? Rabbi Witkovsky looks for the answers in this week’s parashah.

  • Pesach Day 6 Festival Evening Service

    Join us for festival and weekday evening service!

  • Azkara – A Jewish Requiem (Highlights)

    In the Jewish calendar, we observe two occasions of remembrance in the coming days: one on a global scale – recalling the Holocaust – and the other more personal – the Yizkor service. During these times, we pray that the memory of those who have departed is for a blessing. These blessings are bes...

  • Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove: To Sign or Not to Sign (April 16, 2022)

    How do we show our loyalty to the Jewish state? Rabbi Cosgrove explores the reasons to sign or not to sign a recent rabbinic letter regarding the question of funding right-wing Israeli organizations.

  • Broken Remembrance Day

    Yaron Edel, who served with the rank of Major in the IDF and fought in the Second Lebanon War and the Intifada, shares his story about how he uses music to help with his PTSD, and his work with other soldiers through his organization, Shards, one of the most prominent in the field. In this conver...