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A Virtual Visit to Israel

Song of the Week • 6m 38s

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  • Prayer for Rain (Geshem)

    As our climate is changing, the story from Parashah Noach of a world-altering flood does not have to be merely imagined. On the other hand, we know that our world cannot survive without rain — in Israel, this is the time of year to start praying for rain, as it is needed to sustain life in a dese...

  • Eitz Chayim (“Tree of Life”) in Neo-R...

    In honor of Shabbat B’reishit, beginning the Torah cycle anew, we offer this setting of Eitz Chayim commissioned by PAS. Inspired by the 19th century tradition of Jewish music in the Ashkenazi sound world, PAS Music Director David Enlow wrote this piece in 2013. One hears the ‘Tree of Life” sprin...

  • Lo Amut: Rejoicing in the Hallel Service

    “I praise You for having answered me; You have become my deliverance.” When we embark on the joyful Hallel during Sukkot and Shemini Atzeret, we move through many kinds of joy. There is joy from overcoming trials, and joy at the simplest blessing, just being alive to see “the day the Lord has mad...