Book of Exodus

Book of Exodus

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Book of Exodus
  • 60 Seconds of Torah: P’kudei and Self-Reflection

    In Parashat P’kudei, we see the establishment of the mishkan (tabernacle), arguably the predecessor of the modern-day synagogue. Explore how such places of worship can facilitate self-reflection and growth with Rabbi Cosgrove.

  • 60 Seconds of Torah: Va-yakhel, The Gifts We Bring

    What was the most critical item for building the Mishkan, the Sanctuary that traveled in the desert with the Israelites? Join Rabbi Koffman to find out.

  • 60 Seconds of Torah: Ki Tissa, Bound to God

    In an odd scene from this week’s parashah, we learn that we are all connected to God as God tries to stay connected to us. Examine Ki Tissa with Rabbi Witkovsky.

  • 60 Seconds of Torah: T’tzavveh and Shabbat

    There are many ways to honor and beautify Shabbat. Rabbinical Intern Kornsgold looks at how the priestly vestments can help us think about ways of dignifying and adorning that day each week.

  • 60 Seconds of Torah: T’rumah and Why the Details Matter

    The Torah describes the construction of the Tabernacle, the portable sanctuary. It includes seemingly minor details that, when probed for meaning, reveal deep truths about our tradition and the stories we will tell about ourselves and our journeys.

  • Mishpatim and Our Relationship with God

    When the Children of Israel receive the covenant at Mount Sinai, their faith is such that they agree to observe it before they even hear it. Rabbi Cosgrove discusses what we can learn from them.

  • 60 Seconds of Torah: Yitro and the Power of Suggestion

    Sometimes we are so set in our ways that we become stuck and unable to see what’s best. Rabbi Koffman uncovers how Moses was able to grow and to change.

  • 60 Seconds of Torah: B’shallah, Preparation, and Perseverance

    The plight of the Israelites as they flee Egypt teaches us the importance of finding faith when the planning falls short. Explore the lessons of Parashat B’shallah with Rabbi Witkovsky.

  • 60 Seconds of Torah: Bo and Marking Significance

    We are asked to explicitly signify how God took us out of Egypt. Rabbinic Intern Kornsgold explores how we mark significance through thinking, feeling, and doing.

  • 60 Seconds of Torah: Va-era and the Human Origins of Our Heroes

    In the middle of the stirring narrative of the Exodus, the story is interrupted by a genealogy. We can learn an important lesson about our ancestors and ourselves by taking the time to understand this family tree.

  • 60 Seconds of Torah: Exodus, Humility, and Wisdom

    Moses was a notorious introvert, so why did God choose him for such an important mission in our people’s mission? Find out with Rabbi Cosgrove as he explores the narrative of Exodus.