Voices of our Community

Voices of our Community

Voices of our Community
  • Kadima: Pathways

    This month, say hello to Donielle Morris. Donielle began our Pathways program to learn more about Jewish history, tradition, and culture. With the help of this 18-session course, she ultimately decided to adopt Judaism and convert. She describes how profound it was to explore Judaism alongside ou...

  • Kadima: Planning Bnei Mitzvahs

    The theme of this year’s Kol Nidrei Appeal is kadima – the Hebrew word for forward. We are on a journey forward together, and your support allows for us to look forward to a vibrant future. Thank you.

  • Kadima: A journey forward.

    You might be here every morning for minyan or only come once a year on Kol Nidrei, either way, you know that Park Avenue Synagogue is an inclusive community at the forefront of Judaism. Your support of our annual Kol Nidrei Appeal allows PAS to remain mission focused, no matter what.

  • Kol Nidrei 5782 Address by Chairman of the Board Marc Becker

  • Bikur Cholim

    You have heard it before: “Park Avenue Synagogue is a beit tefillah (house of prayer), a beit midrash (house of learning), and a beit knesset (house of community).” You have heard, too, that the annual Kol Nidrei Appeal makes it possible for Park Avenue Synagogue to be those things. But what does...