The Current State of Israel

The Current State of Israel

Park Avenue Synagogue is tuned into all the latest news coming out of Israel so that you can stay informed. This collection includes diverse and fresh perspectives on the important stories, featuring guest speakers, clergy sermons, dialogues, and more.

The Current State of Israel
  • Responding to Israel's New Reality

    With a new Israeli government in place that centers Ultra-Orthodox and -nationalist coalition partners, how can Israelis and diaspora Jews outside of Israel respond constructively to this government’s problematic policies and its potential threat to democracy? How can more liberal Zionists, lever...

  • Reverberations & Repercussions Understanding This Unprecedented Moment in Israel

    Amid mass protests, escalating social unrest, and widespread opposition, the Knesset passed on Monday the first major bill of the government’s judicial overhaul, which will limit the power of the courts in reviewing government decisions and appointments. Unpack the significance of this law’s pass...

  • Understanding the Latest: Briefing on the Situation in Israel

    The political crisis in Israel has continued to deepen, with hundreds of thousands of Israelis responding to the current government policies through mass protests in the streets, workers’ strikes across many industries, and voices from around the world speaking up in defense of Israeli democracy....

  • Clergy Dialogue: Israel in Crisis

    Rabbis Cosgrove and Zuckerman reflect on their UJA mission to Israel with other rabbis from New York, where they will meet governmental and non-governmental leaders and a wide range of Israelis living and working within the changing political landscape. The rabbis discuss their experience on the ...

  • We Declare! Israeli Democracy: Past, Present, and Future

    With the current political crisis unfolding in Israel, there is no more timely an occasion to come together to discuss and debate the State of Israel’s founding document, its Declaration of Independence. Led by educators from BINA: The Jewish Movement for Social Change, we’ll examine this documen...

  • Rabbi Zuckerman: Reflections on Israel (March 25, 2023)

    Rabbi Zuckerman reflects on his trip to Israel.

  • Today’s Israel: Challenging the Duality of a Jewish and Democratic State

    MK Rabbi Gilad Kariv, the first reform rabbi in the Knesset and No. 3 in the Israeli Labor Party, joined us Shabbat services to discuss the current State of Israel amid its recent power shift. Over the past few months, MK Rabbi Kariv has proved to be one of the leading voices in the defense of Is...

  • Rabbi Cosgrove: Invisible String (January 21, 2023)

    How do we support Israel when we object to the actions of its government? Rabbi Cosgrove enjoins us that our support is, if anything, more essential now than ever. We must uphold and assist ventures that work toward establishing an Israel that reflects our values.

  • Rabbi Cosgrove: Kahane Lives (December 17, 2022)

    How will we react to the seismic rightward shift in the Israeli government following last month’s election? Rabbi Cosgrove enjoins us that while our love and support of Israel must not waver, we must openly discuss our concerns for sake of the future unity of the Jewish people.