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  • Rabbinic Intern Pink: Truth and Interpretation (June 29, 2024)

    In this week’s Torah portion, negative filtering - framing the truth in a way that ignores the world's positives - led the Israelite spies astray. Rabbinic Intern Pink explains how the story teaches us the importance of hope, even in challenging times.

  • Summer Teachings: Rabbi Koffman (June 22, 2024)

    Join Rabbi Koffman in a discussion of complicated and confusing texts, sibling rivalry, and the consequences of what happens when we talk about others.

  • Rabbinic Intern Pink: What Exactly Are We Praying For, Anyway? (June 15, 2024)

    Birkat Kohanim, the blessing that parents give their children on Shabbat, has its origins in this week’s Torah portion. What does this blessing tell us about the values we want to impart to the next generation? Rabbinic Intern Aiden Pink leads a discussion on the history of the blessing and its i...

  • Rabbi Cosgrove: A Free People in Our Land (May 11, 2024)

    How does a connection to the land of Israel play out in your life? In sharing his own personal experience, Rabbi Cosgrove reminds us how the dream and the reality of a sovereign Jewish state in the land of Israel has sustained the Jewish people.

  • Rabbi Zuckerman: Know Your Story (June 8, 2024)

    Rabbi Zuckerman draws parallels between the Israelites wandering in the desert and the current state of worldwide Jewry, reflecting the deeper meaning behind the census of every Israelite as requested by God, and how we can count ourselves in this same story of our ancient history.

  • Rabbi Cosgrove: Double V (June 1, 2024)

    What is Double V? Recalling the campaign during WWII for victory against fascism on the battlefield and victory against racism on the homefront, Rabbi Cosgrove calls for a Double V campaign for Israel, for victory against Hamas and for the democratic values that are intrinsic to the state.

  • Rabbi Cosgrove: Time to Engage (May 18, 2024)

    What is your response to the anti-Israel protests on college campuses? Explaining that these demonstrations not only express distress at Israel’s response to Hamas, but reflect a surge of antisemitism, Rabbi Cosgrove urges all Jews to step up to combat Jew-hatred politically, legally, and philant...

  • Rabbi Cosgrove: Coping and Hoping (November 11, 2023)

    How do we move forward after a grievous loss? Recognizing that we have passed sh’loshim, thirty days since the horrendous attacks of October 7, Rabbi Cosgrove turns to our founding father Abraham’s family for a model of how even deeply estranged siblings can work toward a common future.

  • Rabbi Cosgrove: The Great Awakening (October 28, 2023)

    Antisemitism? Here? Now? Rabbi Cosgrove teaches that the aftermath of October 7 has revealed not only verbal and physical attacks, but a “higher antisemitism” – a societal attitude that Jewish lives don’t matter.

  • Rabbi Zauzmer: The Courage to Speak Up (October 27, 2023)

    During this time of heightened antisemitism and anti-Zionism, Rabbi Zauzmer shares her frustration toward what's going on at college campuses, especially her alma mater, UPenn. She discusses what the young people at PAS are doing to speak up, and implores everyone to follow their example.

  • Rabbi Cosgrove: Moral Clarity (October 14, 2023)

    Is there any justification for murder? Rabbi Cosgrove teaches that wanton killing and torture are pure evil. He calls for us to support the ADL, to condemn the acts of Hamas as terrorism and to insist that the thought leaders in our communities do the same.

  • Rabbi Cosgrove: To Save a Life (October 13, 2023)

    Following the terrorist rampage in Israel last week, the eyes of history are upon us. Rabbi Cosgrove calls on us to support Israel with dollars to meet the urgent needs of the moment and for the sake of pikuach nefesh, saving lives, to make donations even on Shabbat.

  • Rabbi Cosgrove: Return or Renewal? (September 23, 2023)

    Is teshuvah, repentance, about return or renewal? Reflecting on his new “empty nester” status, Rabbi Cosgrove explains how renewal and return are both part of finding our best selves.

  • What ChatGPT Teaches Us About Living with a Whole Heart (RH Day 1, 2023)

    Some think artificial intelligence will drastically improve our world, and some think it will destroy us, but it's up to us to figure out how to live in a world with AI. Rabbi Zauzmer explores Jewish perspectives on AI and encourages us to strengthen the muscles which make us human, not machine –...

  • Rabbi Cosgrove: Missing Pieces (Rosh Hashanah Day 1, 2023)

    What did the late Rabbi Harold Kushner mean when he said, “We’re more complete if we’re incomplete”? Rabbi Cosgrove explores how we may understand loss and imperfections in our lives.

  • Rabbi Zuckerman: The Spiritual Alarm (September 9, 2023)

    From Biblical times to Maimonides and Theodor Herzl, the Jewish people have always been called on to "wake up" and take action. In anticipation of the High Holidays and Days of Awe, Rabbi Zuckerman calls on us to reflect on our individual choices, so that we may effect change in the world around ...

  • Rabbinic Intern Aiden Pink: There's Always a Choice (July 22, 2023)

    The power and responsibility of free will is the subject of the recent Torah portion, D'varim - and of the new Mission: Impossible movie. Rabbinic Intern Aiden Pink ties them together in his first sermon at Park Avenue Synagogue.

  • Rabbi Zauzmer: Can We Complain? A Group Discussion (June 24, 2023)

    When is it appropriate to complain? Exploring the Torah portion, Pirkei Avot, and other commentaries, Rabbi Zazumer leads a spirited discussion regarding the Jewish perspective on complaining.

  • Rabbi Zuckerman: The Israelites and Rock & Roll (June 18, 2023)

    What do the Israelites, who feared exploring the Promised Land, and Bruce Springsteen have in common? Rabbi Zuckerman elaborates on this surprising, yet legitimate, connection is his latest sermon.

  • Rabbi Cosgrove: Be a Guest (June 10, 2023)

    Are you a good guest? Rabbi Cosgrove reminds us that being a good guest is not only about how we behave at our friends’ homes, but also how we move through the world, recognizing that we are passing through and that we owe courtesy to others and care to the earth.

  • Rabbi Cosgrove: A Father's Blessing (June 3, 2023)

    What’s in a blessing? Reflecting on his own Friday night childhood blessings and the imminent high school graduation of his youngest son, Rabbi Cosgrove teaches us the value of every moment and every person.

  • Rabbi Zuckerman: Where Do We Find God Today? (May 27, 2023)

    On Shavuot, we celebrate the moment God spoke directly to us, delivering the first ten commandments. Was that the last time God communicated with us? Rabbi Zuckerman reveals how God, and those who are no longer with us, speak to us in modern times.

  • Rabbi Cosgrove: Facing History (May 20, 2023)

    Rabbi Cosgrove discusses his recent White House visit to represent our community to celebrate Jewish Heritage Month. While he met many notables at an evening event, he was also present to hear President Biden’s inspiring message about moral behavior in our times as well as his strong response to ...

  • Rabbi Cosgrove: Teens – A Mental Health Emergency (May 15, 2023)

    Our country and our community are seeing an unprecedented mental health crisis among our youth. Rabbi Cosgrove counsels that every one of us has a role in making the young people in our lives feel seen while helping them find their way to mental stability.

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