• Rabbi Zauzmer: Show Us Your Imperfections (February 17, 2024)

    Since October 7, we have been more willing to share with one another when we are not okay. Rabbi Zauzmer encourages us to show up in community with all our flaws and our hurts, even when they are of a more personal nature.

  • Rabbi Cosgrove: Breathe . . . and Breathe Again (February 10, 2024)

    As the Gaza war continues, how do you respond to people whose views on what should happen next in the conflict differ from your own? Rabbi Cosgrove counsels that it is essential to assume positive intent on the part of others and to ask thought-provoking questions to promote understanding.

  • Rabbi Zuckerman: Writing Our Next Chapter (January 20, 2024)

    What happens when we try to hide, or even undo, our Jewish heritage and identity? It's a story seen throughout history, even told on theater stages. Rabbi Zuckerman explores "The New Jew," who is no longer willing to hide in the shadows of antisemitism, and when to combat hate with love.

  • Rabbi Cosgrove: WWMLKS? (January 13, 2024)

    What would MLK say? We cannot know, but based on his writings, Rabbi Cosgrove projects what MLK might say about October 7, about the Israel-Hamas conflict, about Black-Jewish relations, and more.

  • Rabbi Cosgrove: Go Blue!!! (January 6, 2024)

    How is being Jewish akin to being a Michigan Wolverine? Rabbi Cosgrove points to the pull of pride in belonging and the push of outside hostility that unite a group. As we confront the hostility unleashed on October 7, we must also retain our joy in living a Jewish life.

  • Rabbi Zauzmer: The Unknown Future (December 30, 2023)

    We all wish we could know what lies ahead. Rabbi Zauzmer leads a discussion about the anxiety that comes from our inability to know the future.

  • Rabbinic Intern Aiden Pink: After Happily Ever After (December 23, 2023)

    Rabbinic Intern Aiden Pink reflects on a lesser-known story from Genesis, and what it teaches us about the significance of having pride in one’s Judaism and having empathy for others.

  • Rabbi Cosgrove: Rabbi Dr. David Ellenson, Z"L (December 16, 2023)

    How should a Jewish majority apply Jewish law and its principles in a sovereign Jewish state in the modern world? Rabbi Cosgrove honors the memory of his friend and teacher Rabbi David Ellenson, z”l, by introducing three of his articles that address this critical question.

  • Rabbi Cosgrove: Rattled, Raw, and Resilient (December 9, 2023)

    What are you doing now to support Israel? Rabbi Cosgrove reflects on last week’s PAS mission to Israel, emphasizing the overwhelming solidarity of Israelis in caring for survivors of the October 7th attacks, advocating for the hostages, and supporting the soldiers.

  • Rabbi Zuckerman: When the Impossible Becomes Possible (December 2, 2023)

    David Ben-Gurion was well aware of the risks he took in founding the State of Israel, yet he pushed on despite his fears. Analogizing this with the Torah, Rabbi Zuckerman uses Jacob's extreme self-confidence to unlock the potential of the Jewish people of today, especially in the wake of October 7.

  • Rabbi Zauzmer: Gratitude in the Midst of Darkness (November 25, 2023)

    Rabbi Zauzmer shares how challenging it might have been to find gratitude on Thanksgiving during this dark time and offers us two suggestions to consider.

  • Rabbi Cosgrove: A Call to Action (November 18, 2023)

    What are you doing for Israel? Recalling the dramatic and united efforts of American Jewry to assist pre-State Israel, Rabbi Cosgrove calls on us to be united and unflagging in stepping up on all fronts to support Israel in the current war.

  • Rabbi Cosgrove: Coping and Hoping (November 11, 2023)

    How do we move forward after a grievous loss? Recognizing that we have passed sh’loshim, thirty days since the horrendous attacks of October 7, Rabbi Cosgrove turns to our founding father Abraham’s family for a model of how even deeply estranged siblings can work toward a common future.

  • Rabbi Zuckerman: Don't Look Away (November 4, 2023)

    Reflecting on his recent mission trip to Israel, which was both beautiful and heartbreaking, Rabbi Zuckerman reminds us that it is the responsibility of every Jewish person to not look away when our community is suffering, but rather attempt to put out the flames of a world on fire.

  • Rabbi Cosgrove: Israel's Just War (October 21, 2023)

    Is Israel fighting a just war? Rabbi Cosgrove reviews the Jewish laws of war to provide us with a vocabulary for understanding and defending Israel’s response to the Hamas terror attack of October 7.

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