Passover Music 5782

Passover Music 5782

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Passover Music 5782
  • Who Knows One?

    We hope our new Haggadah for Young Families will spark new Passover traditions that the PAS community will create together. Speaking of childhood memories, can you remember any counting songs from your childhood? Did your family sing Ehad mi Yodea (“Who Knows One?”), or did you hear “The Twelve D...

  • The Order of the Seder (Kadesh Urchatz)

    You may already know that the word “seder” means order, and when we celebrate the Passover Seder, there is an order we follow ourselves and teach to others, especially the youngest among us. In this song with memorable actions, the cantors invite you to sing the order of the Seder along with them...

  • The Four Questions

    Tradition gives a young voice special prominence in the seder.

  • The Ten Plagues

    Watch the animated plagues come after our cantors in this cheery, mysterious new song by Elliot Weiss, which repeats each plague in Hebrew after the English. It’s a great way to learn the plagues, part of the educational element of our new Pesach album! Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom and a sweet Pa...

  • Blessings of the Seder

    When a young voice asks ‘why?’, we explore the reasons for various Seder brachot.

  • Had Gadyo ("One Little Goat")

    We are celebrating our new Haggadah created with young learners in mind, and here’s a question for them: Can a cat swallow a whole goat? In make-believe world of the cumulative Pesach song Had Gadyo, it can – but the song keeps adding characters from the goat to a butcher, to the Angel of Death, ...

  • Tzafun – Searching for the Afikomen

    A young Seder participant searches high and low for the Afikomen — where will it be hidden this year?

  • Urhatz – It's Time to Wash Our Hands

    In the time it takes to sing this cheery song, we can make our hands pure and clean.

  • Cantors Schwartz and Davis and the Schwartz Children Sing “When You Believe”

    There can be miracles! It was very special that Daniel and Emmy Schwartz joined Cantors Schwartz and Davis on the bimah during our Shabbat Shira services.

  • Passover Medley

    The journey from slavery to freedom is a central narrative of the Jewish people. Our music reflects the feelings of our people throughout this journey, a sentiment shared by the African American community.
    This medley combines African American spiritual melodies with Jewish Passover music.
    It w...

  • How is This Night Different?