High Holidays

High Holidays

High Holidays
  • Rabbi Zauzmer: Welcoming Guests (Sukkot Day 1, 2023)

    On Sukkot, it is traditional to invite guests to our homes and sukkot to celebrate the holiday with us. There is even a custom of inviting biblical guests to spiritually join us each night. Rabbi Zauzmer shares lessons we can learn from our biblical guests to help us make our physical guests feel...

  • Rabbi Koffman: The Tyranny of Perfection (Yom Kippur, 2023)

    How do we embrace our perfectly imperfect selves? Rabbi Koffman explores, and breaks down, the false expectations that many have for their lives, partners, and especially themselves, through the wisdom of the Torah, and the themes of the Barbie movie.

  • Rabbi Zuckerman: The Fork in Your Road (Yom Kippur, 2023)

    Show business wiz Ben Hecht took a shot in the dark one night and expressed the deep need and desire for a Jewish state to a room full of wise guys, which unexpectedly led to a chance encounter with Hillel Kook, the nephew of Rav Kook, the first Chief Rabbi of British Mandatory Palestine.


  • Rabbi Zauzmer: Saying What Matters Before It's Too Late (Yom Kippur, 2023)

    We often wait until we are on our deathbeds to say the most important things to those we love, sometimes leaving us without the opportunity to say them at all. Yom Kippur is our wake-up call to have these conversations now. Rabbi Zauzmer implores us not to delay sharing what matters most with the...

  • Rabbi Cosgrove: Keep Moving (Ne'ilah, 2023)

  • Rabbi Cosgrove: Judgment and Mercy (Yom Kippur, 2023)

    At the moment of Yizkor, what do we remember most about our loved ones? By way of the story of Judge Irving Kaufman, Rabbi Cosgrove challenges us to forgive our own foibles and frailties, to live in the present as our best selves, and to remember the best of others.

  • Rabbi Zuckerman: Tethered to Time (Rosh Hashanah Day 2, 2023)

    Many aspects of our world, from learning to entertainment, seem to be getting faster and faster, resulting in instant gratification through vapid hurrying, but at what cost? Rabbi Zuckerman expresses why much of life requires deep, intense encounters rather than the feeling of overnight success.

  • Rabbi Cosgrove: Missing Pieces (Rosh Hashanah Day 1, 2023)

    What did the late Rabbi Harold Kushner mean when he said, “We’re more complete if we’re incomplete”? Rabbi Cosgrove explores how we may understand loss and imperfections in our lives.

  • Rabbi Koffman: Choosing Hope Over Fear (Rosh Hashanah Day 1, 2023)

    Has fear kept you from realizing your dreams? Rabbi Koffman asserts that we need to confront our fears to live to our greatest potential.

  • What ChatGPT Teaches Us About Living with a Whole Heart (RH Day 1, 2023)

    Some think artificial intelligence will drastically improve our world, and some think it will destroy us, but it's up to us to figure out how to live in a world with AI. Rabbi Zauzmer explores Jewish perspectives on AI and encourages us to strengthen the muscles which make us human, not machine –...

  • Rabbi Zuckerman: Planting a Tree (Erev Rosh Hashanah, 2023)

    Scientists and rabbis alike have investigated what we can learn from trees. Rabbi Zuckerman explores the many metaphors for how people are more like trees than one may have thought, and how these lessons apply to our entrance into the new year.

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