Book of Genesis

Book of Genesis

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Book of Genesis
  • 60 Seconds of Torah: Va-y’hi, Closing the Book on Genesis

    What does the narrative arc of Genesis teach us? Join Rabbi Koffman as she examines the good, the bad, and the ugly.

  • 60 Seconds of Torah: Va-Yiggash, Justice, and Mercy

    Rabbis tell us that as each day begins, God prays, “May it be My will that My attribute of mercy overpowers My attribute of justice.” Rabbi Cosgrove shares how Joseph exemplifies the importance of balancing justice with mercy.

  • 60 Seconds of Torah: Mi-ketz and Exile

    Joseph’s exile from his family and his people reflects the Jewish diaspora’s separation from Israel in many ways. Rabbi Cosgrove shares what Joseph’s story can tell us about our own resilience in the face of isolation and loneliness.

  • 60 Seconds of Torah: Va-yeishev and Faith

    What do Joseph and the Maccabees have in common? They show us how to maintain hope and faith even in the darkest of times. Examine the parallels of their stories with Rabbi Cosgrove.

  • 60 Seconds of Torah: Va-yishlah and Fear

    Jacob holds two kinds of fear as he meets his estranged brother once more. Learn what those fears are and how they apply to our own lives with Rabbi Witkovsky.

  • 60 Seconds of Torah: Va-yetzei and Sense of Self

    Jacob achieves great success in life, but it’s only in this week’s parashah that he truly comes into his own. Rabbi Cosgrove explores what it takes to create a distinct sense of self as Jacob does in Parashat Va-yetzei.

  • 60 Seconds of Torah: Tol’dot and Family

    What was Jacob and Esau’s biggest mistake? Rabbi Cosgrove discusses what their shortcomings can teach us about family, love, and life.

  • 60 Seconds of Torah: Hayyei Sarah and Ensuring Our Future

    In many ways, we are at a crossroads, worrying about the future of our people. Rabbi Cosgrove examines what the story of Abraham’s servant Eliezer and Rebecca can teach us about ensuring that future.

  • 60 Seconds of Torah: Va-yera and Following God’s Example

    What does it mean when the Torah tells us, “After the Lord your God shall you walk”? Discover how this week’s parashah illustrates God’s tendency to lead by example with Rabbi Zuckerman.

  • 60 Seconds of Torah: Lekh L’kha and Restraint

    Abraham is the perfect embodiment of the truism, “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” Rabbi Cosgrove discusses what Abraham can teach us about restraint.

  • 60 Seconds of Torah: Noah and Righteousness

    Noah is described as “walking with God,” so is it Abraham that we turn to as our moral exemplar? Join Rabbi Cosgrove in exploring the obligations that come with righteousness.

  • 60 Seconds of Torah: B’reishit and the Torah’s First Question

    The Torah’s first glimpse of human nature comes with a question that’s more complex than it seems. Rabbi Cosgrove examines what God meant by asking, “Where are you?” and why the question is so tough to answer.